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Public Procurement in Euskadi

Company Classification

What is the Company Classification?

The Company Classification is an essential requirement for participating in tenders for Works or Services Contracts with a budget of 200.000 euros or more.

The Classification Service caters for the need to introduce a register of companies of proven legal, economic and technical solvency eligible for contracting with the Administration, setting out the value of the contracts to which they can tender, in accordance with the categories provided for by law.

This register of rated companies is public and is available to the different bodies of the Public Administrations (Autonomous Community, Individual Regions and Local Authorities), companies and private individuals for any enquiries or information they require regarding rated companies.

The Classification issued by the Basque Autonomous Community is valid for unlimited duration. As long as the business can prove its economic-financial solvency each year. And its technical and professional solvency every 3 years.

About the award of the Business Classification:
  • It falls to the Classification Department at the Office for Assets and Contracting of the Public Finance and Administration Department to study the requests for rating.
  • The Company Classification is granted by the Administrative Contracting Consultative Board, via the Classification Committee.
  • The Classification Committee meets on a monthly basis.
  • Each classified company receives the corresponding accreditation certificate for bidding in Basque Public Administration tenders.
Who the Company classification is required by:

The Public Administration as a whole (State, Autonomous Community, Regional and Local)

Scope of the Company Classification and its extension to the rest of the Spanish state:
  • The scope for using the Classification issued is the Autonomous Community of the Basque Country.
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