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Public Procurement in Euskadi

Administrative requirements

Registering in the Official Register of Contractors or Provisional Enablement
Official Register of Contractors
The Register of Contractors of the Autonomous Basque Community responds to the need to establish a centre for gathering data about companies under contract or available for contracting with the Administration. The data stored in the Register of Contractors is made available to the procurement entities of all the Basque Public Administrations to enable them to look up and obtain the information they require about the companies registered.
  • The companies registered in the Register of Contractors are exempted from presenting a large part of the documentation demanded by regulatory standards governing the procurement procedures every time they compete in the Autonomous Region of the Basque Country, thus speeding up processing.
  • Each company entered into the register receives a certificate of registration, which can be presented along with tenders for the Basque Public Administration.
Provisional Enablement
The Provisional Enablement system is auxiliary to the Official Registry of Contractors and its aim is to extend the scope of the universe to those interested in e-Procurement, allowing the following types of companies to participate in electronic tenders.
-Those that are not registered in the Official Registry of Contractors, -Those wishing to compete as Temporary Joint Ventures, or -Those wishing to present a joint offer.
Provisional Enablement is exclusively linked to a single, specific procurement dossier, and ceases to be effective at the end of this process. Only registration in the Official Registry of Contractors has a generalized impact on all procurement dossiers.

El módulo de Habilitación Temporal tendrá carácter auxiliar del Registro Oficial de Contratistas y su propósito será la extensión del universo de interesados en la contratación electrónica.

Given the volume and nature of the administrative documentation required for enablement, the Basque Government has deemed it appropriate that should an interested Business so desire, the application for Temporary Enablement may be transformed into a telematic application for registration in the Official Register of Contractors.
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One-step electronic tendering
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