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Public Procurement in Euskadi

Bid-e bond


As a further step towards completing the electronic elements that form the administrative procurement process, the Technical Secretariat is collaborating with the Mutual Guarantee Societies and Financial Institutions to promote the launch of telematic guarantees

Once in the hands of the company such guarantees should be loaded into envelope B in the electronic tendering application.

Fecha de la última modificación: 08/04/2015
One-step electronic tendering
  • Electronic tendering
  • Provisional enablement (not Register in the Official Register of Contractors)
  • Provisional enablement (TJVs)
  • Official Register of Contratactors: registration, renewal and modification
  • Official Register of Contractors: find your number
  • Official Register of Contractors Automatic Renewal Activation
  • Official Register of Contractors Certificate Download
  • Official Register of Contractors Certificate Verification
  • Registry of Contracts