Date of publication: 03/05/2012

Basque country's employment agency joins regional eProcurement system

Lanbide, the regional employment agency of the Basque Country, has recently joined the Buyer Profile on the Basque eProcurement Platform, thus following suit to the Basque Government and other contracting authorities.

An authority's buyer profile includes general information about the contracting authority together with information on ongoing invitations to tender, scheduled purchases, contracts concluded and procedures cancelled.

The current Buyer Profile of the Basque eProcurement platform has been available for use since October 2010. It complies with the Public Procurement Law requirements pertaining to proof of publication, and it provides interested companies with services that facilitate their access to public contracts.

The new Buyer Profile is deemed to provide both contracting authorities and companies with the best services and optimal transparency. It consists of the following services:
-Time stamping and content certification.
-Online sharing of published information in its entirety.
-Sharing of the various published versions of one same file.
-Download of a traceability folder of the entire lifetime of a file.

As is it aimed at multiple entities, the Buyer Profile tool is intended to be the single point of access to all the contracts of the Basque public sector, in accordance with the demands of the Basque Parliament.

Currently findable on the buyer's profiles are documents of the Basque Government, the Basque Water Agency (URA), the regional data protection agency, various local government authorities, the public company that manages all IT needs of the Basque Government (EJIE), public network operator ITELAZPI, regional railway agency Euskal Trebide Sarea, etc. More public entities and contracting authorities will join gradually.