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Public Procurement in Euskadi

The Basque Government Public e-Procurement Model uses more than 15 different computer applications and systems.
Among these services, the following have a direct impact on the user and the public procurement processes:
  • Register of Contractors
    This contains the main information about the nature, ability to act and representation of the bidders needed to enable them to tender. It is essential that all bidders be registered on the CAV.
  • Company Classification
    Specific regional and state company classification is required by the Basque Government order to quality companies to participated in Public Administration Tenders.
  • IZENPE Signature and Verification Service
    This is an advanced Certification and Electronic Signature services for all Public Procurement systems, incorporated in the electronic data transmission service processes.
  • Horizontal Notice System
    Allows notification of all administrative decisions and acts, with guaranteed optimal processing using the Electronic Signature.
  • Horizontal Payment Service
    This system allows users to manage payments and guarantees associated with a tendering process electronically.
  • My Transactions (Citizen’s mailbox)
    Gives companies access to the documents pertaining to the tenders they interested in using the Electronic Signature.
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One-step electronic tendering
  • Electronic tendering
  • Provisional enablement (not Register in the Official Register of Contractors)
  • Provisional enablement (TJVs)
  • Official Register of Contratactors: registration, renewal and modification
  • Official Register of Contractors: find your number
  • Official Register of Contractors Automatic Renewal Activation
  • Official Register of Contractors Certificate Download
  • Official Register of Contractors Certificate Verification
  • Registry of Contracts