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Public Procurement in Euskadi


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To respond to the questions and difficulties put by users of the Electronic Tendering System, a User Support Centre has been made available. It is organised on different levels:

  • Zuzenean is the general gateway to the User Support Centre. Zuzenean (the Basque Government's Citizens Support Service) provides users with information about the administrative requirements of the electronic tendering process. Zuzenean will transfer calls involving queries of a different nature to the entity or organisation qualified to provide a response.
    Telephone 012 from within the CAPV and 945 018 000 from outside the region.

  • If the question or problem relates to the Official Register of Contractors, Zuzenean transfers the call or sends the communication to this department. However, the Official Register of Contractors also has a public information desk.
    Telephone 012 from within the CAPV and 945 018 000 from outside the region.

  • If the problem involves the topic of Electronic Signatures and Certification. Zuzenean will transfer the call or forward the communication to Izenpe, the certification services provider sponsored by the Basque Government and the Provincial Councils of Alava, Biscayne and Gipuzkoa. Izenpe also has a public information desk.
    Telephone: 902 542 542. EMail:

  • SIf the question is regarding IT, Zuzenean refers it to second level support, which comprises support technicians from Ejie, the Basque Government Information Society.

  • Complex calls or calls on subjects that cannot be dealt with by any of the aforementioned levels of user support, will be transferred to the Technical Secretariat for developing administrative procurement processes. Telephone: 945 016 380. EMail:

Last modified date:  02/09/2015
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