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Public Procurement in Euskadi

Bid-e bond


As a further step towards completing the electronic elements that form the administrative procurement process, the Technical Secretariat is collaborating with the Mutual Guarantee Societies and Financial Institutions to promote the launch of telematic guarantees

Once in the hands of the company such guarantees should be loaded into envelope B in the electronic tendering application.

Legal support framework for the creation of digital guarantees

The legal basis supporting the existence of digital guarantees is comprised of the following legal framework:

  • European Parliament and Council Directive 1999/93/CE, 13 December 1999, which establishes a community framework for electronic signatures.
  • Royal Decree-Law 14/1999, 17 September, regarding electronic signatures, the recognition of their judicial efficiency and the public provision of certification services.
  • Order of 21 February 2000, approving accreditation rules for certification service providers and the certification of certain Electronic Signature products.
  • Law 59/2003, 19 December, on electronic signatures.

Use of digital guarantees in electronic public procurement

Issuing of Guarantees by Mutual Guarantee Societies or Financial Institutions:
  • Creation of digital guarantee document.
  • Electronic signing of digital guarantee.
  • Submission of digital guarantee to the company that has requested it.
Bid preparation, loading of digital guarantee and electronic tender by the Company:
  • Loading of bid into envelopes A, B & C in the electronic tendering application.
  • Loading of digital guarantee into envelope B of the electronic tendering application.
  • Electronic signing of bid and digital guarantee.
  • Electronic submission of bid and digital guarantee via the electronic tendering application.
Public Bid Opening Act by the Administration:
  • Opening of the secure electronic tendering system server at the official sealed bid opening time, having obtained the minimum quorum of procurement desk members.
  • Downloading and decoding of files supplied by the company in envelopes A, B & C.
  • Verification of power of representation and electronic signature of Company signatory.
  • Opening of digital guarantee.
  • Verification of electronic signature of representative for Mutual Guarantee Society or Financial Institution that has generated the digital guarantee.
  • Validation of digital guarantee.

Collaborating bodies

The Basque Government has established contacts with Mutual Guarantee Societies and Financial Institutions to promote the launching of developments that enable the creation of digital guarantees.

To date, there are the following collaborating bodies:
ACC seguros

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