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Public Procurement in Euskadi

Technical requirements (New update 15 January 2019)

Technical requirements

Interested parties wishing to tender electronically, as well as, contracting authorities must have a computer with any operating system that allows electronic signature through Idazki Desktop and the use of Adobe Flash Player.
The requirement of using a single browser is now eliminated, allowing the application to be executed with any type of updated browser. The browser must allow the use of pop-up windows when using the application.

Auxiliary components

The signature will be made with id @ zki desktop and it is necessary to have this component installed on your computer, you can download it from the Izenpe website (download).
In addition, it is necessary to have an updated version of Adobe Flash Player (free) installed on your computer. The installation of this software, if the computer still does not have it installed, is done automatically, as long as the equipment allows the installation of components.

Help manuals for users

  • The user manuals for bidders are available in the application itself, you can also download from this link >>.
  • The user manuals for contracting authorities are available in the application itself, they can also be downloaded from this other link >>.

As always, we will be at your disposal for any doubt or clarification in:

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