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Public Procurement in Euskadi

Incident Resolution and User Support

This section describes the most common incidents encountered during the electronic tendering process, the error messages displayed, and the possible causes of incidents and their resolution. To facilitate the identification of your incident you can search by usage sequence or by error message:

Electronic tendering application
User support centre
  • Telephone 012, for calls made from the Autonomous Basque Community.
  • Telephone 945 01 80 00, for calls made from the rest of the State.
  • The web address is:
  • The email address is:
Electronic tendering application
The application does not display in a separate (Pop-Up) window
Error message:None.

Cause of incident: The electronic tendering application emerges as a separate pop-up window. Those users who have pop-up blocking enabled in their browser may not observe the emergence of the Electronic Tendering screen.

  • Keep the "Control" key pressed when clicking on "Electronic Tendering" menu item, so that the window opens normally.
  • Select the "Tools" option in Internet Explorer, access the "Pop-up Blocker" and select "Turn off Pop-up Blocker".
  • Enable the "Address” function in Internet Explorer Pop-up Block settings, to allow the emergence of "Pop-up" screens.
Electronic tendering application
The application displays a blank page with the text Forbidden
Error message: "Forbidden".

Cause of incident:Browser is not Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Parties interested in electronic tendering must use Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 or greater as their browser. The Basque Government cannot guarantee the correct operation of the Tendering Application with other browsers other than Microsoft Internet Explorer.
Electronic tendering application
The user is not authorised to use the application
Error message:"The user does not appear to be empowered and authorized by the company".

Cause of incident: La empresa no cumple todos los requisitos para poder licitar electrónicamente.


Los requisitos necesarios para poder licitar electrónicamente son:
  • Recognised digital certificates
  • Registration in the Official Register of Contractors
  • or Registration at Provisional enablement
Además también deberá configurar adecuadamente su ordenador.
Electronic tendering application
Sealing of files error
Error message:None.
The application does not allow files to be sealed: once selected, no matter how many times the yellow envelope is clicked, the files do not move to the tray.

Cause of incident: and have not been registered as trusted sites in Internet Explorer.


Si tiene Internet Explorer 7 o superior tendrá que:
Electronic tendering application
Error messages during the signature process
Error message: No hay.

Motivo de la incidencia:The application has not downloaded the auxiliary class paths for fragmenting, encrypting and submitting bids:
  • DLL fragmentation and encryption libraries.
  • Bouncy Castle cryptography libraries.
  • Files for Java cryptography extension.


La descarga e instalación de estas librerías se realiza mediante una Herramienta de Configuración creada al efecto.
Electronic tendering application
Screen freezes during the Signature and submission of bid files.
Error message 1:A blank screen emerges (applet), with the message in the header.


This is normal, it is not an error. Do nothing, the bid signature and submission process.

Error message 2: The "bid file" screen remains still for a long time, and the signature screen does not appear.


It is normal, it is not an error. Do nothing, the bid signature and submission process will commence shortly.

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One-step electronic tendering
  • Electronic tendering
  • Provisional enablement (not Register in the Official Register of Contractors)
  • Provisional enablement (TJVs)
  • Official Register of Contratactors: registration, renewal and modification
  • Official Register of Contractors: find your number
  • Official Register of Contractors Automatic Renewal Activation
  • Official Register of Contractors Certificate Download
  • Official Register of Contractors Certificate Verification
  • Registry of Contracts